Virtual Administration Rates and Fees

You can pay for our services by the hour, day, week or month! We cater for ad-hoc one off assignments to full daily contracts.

Prices for virtual Administration support range from £20.00 to £40.00 per hour depending on the complexity of the work. Our virtual administration service is catered to each customer’s needs and requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your virtual office support requirements and we will give you an idea of what your virtual service will cost each hour, day, week or month. It will be cheaper than you think as there is no sign-on fee or additional employee expenses such as pension, holiday, sick pay, PAYE or VAT.

See our Terms and Conditions for more information

Please see some of our customer feedback on how cost-effective virtual admin services are:

“High quality virtual administrative support which offers excellent value for money”


“Price wise the virtual office support service is very reasonable”


“Brilliant value, when I am busy, I use the virtual admin support service more and when I am not I cut costs and do it myself”


“My VA represents good value for money and completes the work in record time”


“Provides a very efficient, timely and friendly virtual admin support service”