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How it works

Ongoing Contracts

Regular daily/weekly administration requirements: hourly rate based on work completed, minimum contract drawn up between Company/person and Clare Readman Administration Services. Work will be invoiced on the last day of each month, payments terms are 14 days from date of invoice direct into bank account.

Best way to contact at the start of a Contract is by telephone so that the details can be discussed in detail.

This will be followed up with a meeting, prefereably face to face to work out the finer details and timescales work needs to be completed in.

Simple contract outlining the work, rates and payment details will be drawn up and signed by all, then work can begin.

Regular Work Contracts

For regular daily or weekly work we are now offering a new 'regular work contract'. This offers a slightly reduced rate for the guarantee of work and availability each month.

Just £350.00 per month for up to an hour a day or five hours per week. A saving of £100.00 per month on the regular hourly rate.

Offers you piece of mind that your work will be completed and that you know how much you will be paying each month.

Call Clare on 01903 367426 or use the contact form for more information or to discuss your needs.

Bespoke and One-off work

This will be discussed in a similar way to ongoing contracts, but details will be more specific on the specific task required. A quote will be given with hourly rates and estimated times to complete with an agreed delivery date.

The Work will be invoiced in completion, payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice direct into bank account.

Work Allocation

I am a sole practitioner therefore all work will be undertaken by me ensuring you always get the experience and expertise advertised.


Your data will be kept secure at all times and will not be discussed with third parties unless required as part of the contract and always agreed beforehand by the Customer.

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01903 367426 07720 238433